Ready for asian street style?

Fresh, authentic food / Asian street style

Inspired by fast paced dai pai dongs and a celebration of asian food, we set out to create a unique and authentic way of eating, bringing the fresh, nourishing, flavours of Asia to all.

The art of yin and yang, which is the balance of tangible dualities is at the heart of what we do.

We are situated in Nicolson street, very close to Edinburgh University and not too far from Edinburgh city centre but we are always available online through our deliveroo page.



Sushirrito is the newest asian food phenomenon sweeping the world by storm! The mix between asian and latin ingredients creates an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Be amongst the first in Edinburgh to try this out!

Your favourite drinks

At DAI PAI, we use only fairtrade certified coffee, 100% pure Arabica espresso beans with a rounded flavour, sweet finish and always direct from the growers.

Our coffee suppliers champion the work of small farmers and deliver delicious products, always committed to having a positive impact for people and the environment.

95-97 Nicolson Street,

Monday - Sunday
11am - 10pm