Fresh, authentic food / Asian street style

At DAI PAI, we take the best of Asian street style from across all of Asia and we bring the best to Edinburgh for you.

Why not try our already very popular sushirrito or how about our pillowy-soft fluffy hirata buns? We have freshly prepared sushi, all kinds of rice and noodle dishes, alongside tenderised honey glazed char sui meats with a little ginger to warm you up and chillis to kick.



Sumo £8.50

Tuna, salmon, crab meat wasabi mayo, avocado, cucumber, lettuce

Salmon chillia bomb £6.95

Salmon, spicy mayo, avocado, cucumber, pickled ginger

Budda £6.95

Grilled tofu, sweet potato, avocado, carrots, purple cabbage, hot beetroot mayo

Hot Chick £6.95

Sweet chilli chicken, lettuce, purple cabbage, carrots, peppers, spicy fruit mayo

Caballero £6.95

Sriracha beef, cucumber, carrots, spring onions, peppers, wasabi mayo

Hirata Buns

Sweet chilli chicken

Teriyaki pork

Grilled tofu/green beans/sweet potato + spicy tomato

1 piece £3.50 / 2 pieces £5.95

Sushi Nigiri x4

Tuna £6.50

Salmon + tuna £5.50

Salmon £5.50

Ebi £5.50

Sushi Maki x6

California £5.95

Spicy tuna £6.95

Spicy salmon £5.95

Salmon avocado £6.50

Veggie £5.95

Sushi Gunkan x4

Spicy salmon £5.95

Spicy tuna £6.95

Srirachi beef £5.95

Teriyaki pork £6.50

Rice / nooddles

Chinese BBQ ribs

Chicken curry broth

Sour spicy tofu vegetables

Srirachi beef

Chicken sweet chilli

Teriyaki pork

£5.95 served with rice or noodles


Freshly steamed chicken gyozas

served with chilli ginger soy

Freshly steamed pork gyozas

served with chilli ginger soy

Freshly steamed vegetables gyozas

served with chilli ginger soy

3 pieces £2.90 / 5 pieces £4.10

95-97 Nicolson Street,

Monday - Sunday
11am - 10pm